Hey Titan wrestling family,

We wanted to welcome everyone to the new season, as it is just beyond the horizon right now. Take a look around the new website and get familliar with it, as we will be updating it with news, pictures and information so everyone can be involved. The calendar is up to date with everything that will be happening throughout the season.

First Practice: Monday at 9 AM. Wrestlers need to have an updated physical, clear through the ASB office, and be ready to work come Monday.

Fundraising is a vital part to the continued success of the program. It allows us to do some awesome tournaments, have nice gear, and getting each one of the kids the most opportunities to compete. We are selling wreaths and entertainment books. If you have any questions feel free to talk to Coach Godinho at any time.

GEAR: We will be ordering some awesome Cliff Keen fight shorts with our “U” logo. They will cost $50, but we need to know sizes right away (orders are by waste size).


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